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Without the past, there is no future. This is why Orell Füssli will concentrate on two areas – both deeply embedded in the company yet both examples of global megatrends – and which together will add a flourish to our business.

These are the megatrends of security and education. Naturally, we will also continue in our role as your bookseller and partner of trust in banknote and security printing, the production of identification documents and the provision of trustworthy content.

We also plan to expand our expertise in the digital sector. With products like verifiable digital credentials and digital learning media we aim to play a leading role in this area. In sum, we will continue to do what we’re good at and capitalise upon our solid foundation.

«With our growth strategy up to 2028, we’re opening a new chapter in the history of Orell Füssli

Daniel Link, CEO

Ambition 2028 – Our growth strategy shows the way

CHF 300m revenue

Revenue growth will be reached by expanding existing business areas and leveraging new digital opportunities.

CHF 30–50m revenue from new ventures

New business areas with digital products and services in the creation of digital credentials, in the ID business as well as in learning and educational media will provide new sources of revenue potential.

60–80% dividend distribution

By aiming for an above-average payout ratio, Orell Füssli positions itself as an attractive company for its shareholders.

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