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Purpose & Values

The ability to innovate runs like a thread through the history of Orell Füssli, with our continued existence marked by periods of evolution. Moving forward, our aim is to drive change by anticipating and proactively shaping it.

The history of Orell Füssli is a story of constant change. Over the past 500 years, Orell Füssli has repeatedly been required to adapt to new circumstances. Wars, political unrest, economic factors and societal upheavals have all been reasons for the company to rethink and transform. Orell Füssli's continued success today is attributed to its ability to innovate. Through strategic investments, Orell Füssli has consistently provided its customers with cutting-edge technology, whether this be the photochromic process or its printing security features. Additionally, Orell Füssli has cultivated a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy partner committed to the highest quality standards.

Digitalisation is the latest source of upheaval – and a major opportunity at the same time. Looking ahead, Orell Füssli seeks to harness this vast potential.


Orell Füssli enables an inspired and self-determined life.


Purpose for more than 500 years


You can rely upon us. As a company with over 500 years of experience and a strong commitment to high quality standards, security is deeply rooted at Orell Füssli and will continue to play a key role in the future. Working as a team, we are reliable and reputable partners in the analogue and digital worlds. This is what enables us to generate value – for ourselves and for our customers.


We are trendsetters. With endurance and vision, we develop innovative solutions and consistently succeed in surprising the market with new products and groundbreaking ideas. For our national and international customers, we seek to deliver individual solutions and experiences. We are the ones shaping the future.


Together, we are strong and dynamic as we move into the future. We are growing in confidence and leading the industry forward. Yet, despite the speed and power of our progress, the company remains steadfast and resilient. Our wide range of solutions is offered to individuals, institutions, and businesses in Switzerland and abroad.